Produzione di arredi e allestimenti per hotel, palestre, locali pubblici

We furnish the world around you


From Longiano’s green valleys to an emblem of the made in Italy with solutions appreciated from Italy to the Middle East, by way of Europe and Russia.

Sizes do matter...

when you custom furnish hotels, gyms, wellness centres, yachts, fair’s stands, restaurants, shops, offices, exhibition corners.
Bielle Group’s artisans create solutions for every environment: a magic that transforms places into cozy environments.

The history

Luciano Baiardi has founded Bielle Group in 1995 and to this day he has a tight hold on the helm of a forefront firm which brings together all the productive cycles.
From the purchase of the materials to the processing, by the paintwork to be completed with the packaging, the transport and the assembly.

Our added value

The decades experience of the patron and the artisans from Bielle Group, a team increasingly more solid by every year.
And the Romagna’s tradition which is heard by the voices: the artisan is the lavuratour, when you have a project to manage it is said with an “ho da fé un lavurtìn” and the conclusion of an order is sealed with “avem fat” in a fit Romagna’s dialect.

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